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HELLO 2018!!

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Hello 2018 and welcome from SistaMista to our first blog post. Since having a quick conversation over a coffee in September last year about “let’s look into this online clothing business idea” to then launching in November, to say has been a whirlwind is an understatement. Like any new year, we all start off with the best of intentions of how we want to see the year go. We thought we’d give blogging a crack since it’s another thing we know absolutely nothing about, so here goes.

We enlisted one of our girlfriends Tracey, who has also known us for too many years to disclose, to ask us some hard hitting “getting to know you” questions. 

How do you keep sane in the crazy parenting life?
K - Vil wouldn't you say a nice bottle of bubbles help? or even a cheap one! Definitely having friends and I have an awesome mothers’ group who, from the beginning, have been super supportive and we still get together four years on. I'd highly recommend every new mum to go along to one.

V - I would say I have gone insane or least my husband and children would say that! Same as Kate though I think; friends to decompress my over thinking and overflowing life with. I cram a lot in and just try and keep it all going...with a little champers to assist. I think we sound like alcoholics! 

And what would be your worst parenting fail?
V - Losing my #$% at them when really it's me not being organised and taking it out on them. I have major guilt when I do this…thus my new focus in life is getting more organised!

K - Too many to list really, it’s a hard one. I think as a parent you are always questioning “are you doing it right?” and “could I have done it differently for a better outcome?”  Many a times I've left my kids for a few minutes to make a cuppa and I come out to them standing on the car to "clean it" or the laundry is flooded from them spraying a hose in there. You just have to shake your head and quickly grab a camera to capture it! 

Year 8 - Too Cool for School!         Year 11 - High School Dance          Age 24 - Haven't Aged Since! 

So Kate and Vilisi, how did you meet and why are you two friends?
K - Well we've known each other from our first day of grade 8 and I question daily as to why we are still friends (laughing). After a long time, you have so much dirt on each other you can't not be friends!

V - Ditto.... Kate just won't leave me alone, I have tried to fob her off but she won't go away and yes, way too many secrets. But, I do know I am very blessed to have the same best friend since I was 12. We have literally been through it all together; first kisses, first parties, meeting husbands, weddings, children and going grey from children!

If you had to choose just one, what would be your best parenting win?
V - Probably just having two little people who are loving, caring and respectful and that makes me proud.

K - You've done a good job V, and they do love being responsible after my littlies. I'd probably say getting to the end of a week and not having to rely on technology. It is hard and I was rocking in a corner most nights, but the boy’s behaviour did improve and their imaginations were being used more. 

As a family, what kinds of things do you do together?
V - Our babes are 8 & 6 so our lives have been taken over by sports and dancing - I'm essentially a free Uber service. We love hanging out at home with each other or just hitting our local parks. My parents are based at the Gold Coast so we are often at the beach working on our permanent tans.

K - I wish I could tan! My two boys are still young being 4 & 2 and really anything outdoors to run them ragged is a winner. We do love beach camping though and going to the park to feed the ducks. 

Kate with Jayden (Vilisi's Son)                                        Vilisi with Archie (Kate's Son)

Now getting onto fashion, what would you say is each other’s sense of style?
K - Vil loves an off the shoulder dress - and she always looks great in them. Casual Chic is the style I'd say. I love that now she has chopped her hair off, she rocks the big earrings, which is clearly my influence and lucky she can rely on SistaMista to get some cool ones too.

V - I’d say Kate’s pretty eclectic in her wardrobe and she has the knack for putting things together that I’d never think of and all on a frugal budget. 

What does 2018 look like for SistaMista?
V - More of this, with us starting a blog so we can share our crazy busy lives. Kate and I are major over-sharers and like to fill the quiet, so this is actually therapy for us and our loved ones. They won't have to hear us waffling on about every detail of our lives as much. We can over-share in a public forum...wait why am I doing this?!

K - Also we are currently looking at a new fresh collection of clothing and hopefully expanding our women's range, as we really can't help ourselves both being shopaholics. We’re heading to a few markets too so keep an eye out on social to read when and where. 

Lastly if you had to pick one movie that best describes you both, what would it be?
V & K - Sisters!

K - That movie with Tina Fey & Amy Poehler. We both think each other is pretty funny and it’s totally our sense of humour; the kind of stupid jokes we think are hilarious...basically it was written for us. 

 Well that wasn’t too painful and it’s given you a quick glimpse into the SistaMista duo. To keep hearing from us, don’t forget to sign up to the newsletter on the website.

Until next time - Cheerio Kate & Vilisi
(yes Kate does say Cheerio a lot!) 

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