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FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on orders $100+ otherwise standard shipping is $10.00
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Koogii K Care Instructions & Returns


To keep your items looking awesome, please treat all your Koogii K jewellery with care. All of our jewellery is made using acrylic and although we use strong jewellers glue, acrylic is still fragile and could easily break if placed under pressure, dropped or hit against hard surfaces. If dropped, worn or stored incorrectly, the accessories may break or become damaged in some way. 

The earrings are all handmade using stainless steel backs and posts. They are a bit of fun and costume jewellery therefore they are not made for continuous wear.

Please follow these helpful tips:

- Store accessories in a clean, dry environment, preferably in separate boxes.

- Avoid contact with cosmetics, perfumes, hairspray and moisturisers as this may cause damage to your accessories.

- Remove all accessories before making contact with water. Your products do not like to get wet! Especially whilst swimming in chlorine.

- Please treat your accessories with kindness and clean them with a jewellery polishing cloth.

- Charms & Girls Earrings all have small parts and are dainty, and as such should be treated that way.  I fully understand that kids will be kids, yet we aren't reasonable for usual wear & tear. 

Tassel Maintenance
- If your tassel dangles arrive with the plastic barrel still protecting the handmade tassel, please remove gently! As they are made with silk they need to be stored appropriately as to not lose their shape.

- If your tassel is losing its shape, use a hair dryer to gently blow the tassel back into shape. Please use the lowest speed and temperature setting. 

Due to hygiene, no refunds, returns or exchanges will be made unless your jewellery has arrived faulty and therefore please contact us on email  

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.