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Screen Free & Holiday Fun Activities

Growing up, my sister & I loved the holidays when we got our craft on and enjoyed making things. So much so, this has followed us into adulthood, when we even took a class making our own Christmas decorations once. (sad & nerdy... but true).

Now being a full-time stay at home mumma with two young boys, you would think I could let my creative juices flow.  Yet my love of craft may have skipped a generation or their lack of attention span hasn't enabled it.  My friends always comment that being at home doesn't have to be like the 'Playschool' show, as most activities I choose to do, usually end up in tears (from me!).  The effort definitely doesn't outweigh the outcome.  

Having said this I do still persevere and have these craft light bulb moments when I read another blog, that yeah we can do that and the boys will love it!!!  I'm obviously a slow learner.  However, there are a few tried & tested activities, that the kids do ask for and since school holidays are upon us, I compiled a Free Download for you to check out.  

They are fairly easy, low prep & hopefully most items you will have lying around.  I've also compiled a list of activities, screen free ones, that your babes can do when they come saying "I'm Bored!" 

Hope some of these activities keeps them entertained for a little while so you can enjoy a cuppa in peace for at least 10 minutes.

Happy Crafting & Playing - Kate x

Download Free Printable Here

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